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Affordable Best-in-Class Pharmacy Benefit Management Solutions

  • Group purchasing contracts with major national pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs)
  • Customized prescription drug benefit solutions
  • PBM contract and savings analysis
  • Prescription assistance cards

Are high costs making your blood pressure rise?

If your health plan is partially or fully self-insured, what would a 5%-15% savings in your pharmacy costs mean to you?

Prescription drug spending growth is at historically high levels – which makes it tough to contain costs and maintain or improve the quality of care for your employees.

That’s where Synergy comes in!

We provide customized prescription solutions to employers, associations, Third Party Administrators and Taft-Hartley funds through our coalition contracts with major national pharmacy benefit managers and prescription assistance cards. We put medicine within reach, keeping dollars in employers’ and patients’ pockets.

Feeling better yet?


Why We Do What We Do : The Pharmacy Drug Landscape is Continually Changing

The pharmacy drug landscape is continually changing – unbridled manufacturer cost increases, a specialty drug pipeline filled with expensive and much needed biologics, employers running out of money to fund benefits so must cost-shift to employees, sick employees going bankrupt or trading on the Dark Web to get their medications, and private exchanges missing the mark on controlling healthcare and pharmacy costs. 

Twenty-seven percent of employers are using a high deductible plan with coinsurance as part of their specialty drug benefit, according to the 2017 Trends in Specialty Drug Benefit Report published by the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI). Although this strategy helps to lower insurance premiums, it can come at a price of members not following their prescribed drug therapy regimen due to affordability.


"I have worked with Barbara Bartelsmeyer in the past and she possesses vast knowledge and expertise in the pharma management space. She gets my full endorsement!”  
~ Jim Scheetz ~
Chief Financial Officer, Central Bank, St. Louis, MO

We'll Bet You Didn't Know ...

Pharmacy is the MOST USED benefit.

74.2% of office visits and 80% of ER visits result in at least one prescription.

50% of Americans don't take their medication as prescribed, resulting in higher overall healthcare costs for the employer and the employees due to lack of medication adherence.

20% of total healthcare spend represents pharmacy.

Brand-name drugs account for only 10% of all dispensed prescriptions in the USA, but up 72% of drug spending.

Specialty drugs are used by 1-3% of the US population, but account for around 35% of the total drug costs. The projected specialty drug/biotech trend rate for 2017 is an exceptionally high 18.7%.

13 Smart Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs
[Time Magazine Money Report]

The Power of the Coalition Gives You Large Group Pricing

Reduce Costs Without Sacrificing Plan Quality

Improve Outcomes Through Claims Management

Save Time With Less Administration


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